Studio Gym

If you prefer to train indoors then our studio gym in Vaucluse (157-159 New South Head Rd) is ideal for your needs.

Vaucluse Studio Gym

There are no membership fees or long contracts, you just pay for the sessions that you do.
Each session is by appointment with a personal trainer. You decide which days and times you would like to come in and whether you would prefer a more intimate 1 - 1 personal session or a more sociable, cost effective group session (average group sizes of 4 - 8). You don't need to worry about making your own group as you will train with others in our very friendly, 'family' environment. Each session is designed to suit your particular experience, fitness levels and goals so you don't need to worry about trying to 'keep up' with anyone else in your group.
To keep you stimulated and to keep your body and mind guessing, no two sessions are the same. All sessions are designed to suit your own individual fitness levels, experience, medical conditions and goals.
Most sessions will contain elements of cardiovascular and resistance training. You will experience a wide variety of different training methods and techniques keeping you stimulated and educated. These include sports specific training, plyometrics, core, balance and functional strength training using balance discs, Bosu, Swiss balls, free, body and machine weights.
The studio gym has a number of different cardio machines including treadmills, bikes, spin bikes, x-trainers, steppers and rowing machines. All cardio sessions are goal oriented giving you clear targets to achieve. Most are short bursts of high intensity, interval type training, proven to be the most effective way of raising your metabolism and burning calories. We also have some fun individual and team fitness challenges throughout the year!
Boxing, kick boxing, cross training, hypertrophy and endurance style sessions are also planned into the sessions, again depending on your particular needs and goals.
There is a Saturday morning running club at 7am offering a wide variety of different running activities including intervals (sprints, hills, steps), cross country, soft sand, endurance sessions and time trials. All abilities are welcome.
On beautiful sunny days we also take our groups outdoor for sessions in the local area including, among others, Christison Park, Nielsen Park, Diamond Bay Reserve, Watsons Bay, Vaucluse Park and Parsley Bay Reserve.
First Session Free: Just go to Contact Us and book yourself in - you won't be disappointed.