Kids & Teens

If you want to create a new location that works for you, your children and their friends we will set up an outdoor group sports or fitness session in your area.
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We run a number of indoor and outdoor children’s sports and fitness sessions in the Eastern Suburbs. Sessions are after school during term time and also at weekends and throughout the school holidays. Trainers are also available to run Birthday Party fun activity sessions.

If your child has excess energy to burn then these sessions are an ideal way to let off steam, get fit, learn new skills and make new friends. Each session will focus on individual and team skills including coordination, agility, speed, balance as well as a whole lot of fun fitness and sports challenges. 


Please contact me at or call me on 0405 109 175 to get more details of the various sports and fitness options we have available.

All of our trainers are fully qualified to coach, train, plan and deliver exercise for children and adolescents (The Children’s Hospital Institute of Sports Medicine - CHISM).


As former Physical Education Teachers (4-18 year olds) our trainers totally understand the physical and mental needs of children and teenagers.



We currently run indoor gym sessions in Vaucluse on Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs evenings between 4 – 6pm. These sessions always offer new and exciting fun fitness challenges with the main aim of improving cardiovascular fitness, strength and balance through carefully selected exercises that will not over stress their young muscular- skeletal systems. All sessions are tailored to the age and individual ability of the child ensuring that everyone achieves success through differentiated challenges.



It is our goal to educate youngsters so that they have a better understanding of their body systems, the benefits of regular exercise, correct technique and gym etiquette. We aim to deliver an experience that will compliment their school/university sports training and help to create lifelong independent exercisers.

Please contact me at or call me on 0405 109 175 to book your child, and their friends, in for a free trial session.

First Session Free: Why not sample one of our sessions this week, just go to Contact Us and secure your place – you won’t be disappointed.