Group Sessions

If you want to create a new location that works for you grab four or more friends and we will set up a group session in your area. Contact Us today.

We run indoor and outdoor group sessions for all ages (11 years +), abilities and experience at locations and times tailored to your busy lifestyle.


Each session is differentiated to suit your particular fitness needs and levels. These sessions also cater for individuals with specific injuries or medical conditions. We also liaise with your medical practitioner to ensure your speedy recovery under the best possible care.


Our trainers will make sure that you use the equipment in a safe and effective manner. Once we are happy with your technique we will progress you to more advanced skills, ensuring that you are always being challenged at your particular fitness levels.


We focus on controlled functional movements and high intensity interval type training to make sure that your workout is effective.


Are you a new mum trying to get back into shape? Why don’t you get your Mother’s Group involved in our Mums & Bubs (Fit Yummy Mummy) sessions?


We have specialist trainers in various locations to enable new mums to get back into shape. We do not offer a ‘nanny’ service but instead we design each session so that you can bond with your little one by doing some innovative, fun exercises while entertaining and focussing on your baby.


All of our specialist trainers are mums themselves and some will even bring their own baby along to the sessions (ages 1 month to 12 months).


More Mums & Bubs Information. 


Got an important occasion coming up? Why don’t you join the 6 week ‘Drop a Dress Size’ program and look hot?

We guarantee that in 6 weeks you will drop at least one dress size (as long as you train at least three times per week and follow your nutrition plan exactly). You will feel great and look hot at your birthday, works, New Year’s Eve party or even at your own wedding. Your friends will all want to know how you did it!
First Session Free: Why not sample one of our sessions this week, just go to Contact Us and secure your place – you won’t be disappointed.