Corporate Fitness

Help to build team spirit with a variety of fun and energetic fitness and sports programs.
Reward your employees by offering them something different and reap the benefits of a healthier, motivated, productive & cohesive team.
Your employees can participate in a number of fun, varied, high-energy activities at a convenient location and time leaving them inspired for more.
Businesses lose billions of dollars every year in absenteeism and decreased productivity caused by illness, stress and depression. I believe that some of these problems can be alleviated by providing your employees with a free and easy way of becoming active with friends and colleagues.
This opportunity to take part in physical activity in a social setting will hopefully help to develop lifelong healthy lifestyle habits and address the importance of a work/life balance.

Pricing model

We understand that corporate institutions don't want to pay for employees who may not attend the sessions, so we have introduced a new, flexible and fairer pricing model (please contact me for more details).
If you would like your own exclusive corporate group for your people we offer this too. Please Contact Us for more details.

Contact me now

Please email me on, fill in the on line form at Contact Us or call me on 0405 109 175 with your details. I will personally call you back to discuss the various options that we can offer you.