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Why Choose Us?

Because our experienced trainers will get you results... guaranteed.


All of our trainers are fully qualified, registered and insured for your own peace of mind.

They are meticulous in the way they take the time to ask you questions about your current fitness levels, injuries, medical conditions and what you want to achieve from these sessions. Each trainer will perform regular fitness assessments in order to gauge your current fitness levels, your strengths and areas for improvement. With all of this information your trainer will design a fitness program uniquely suited to your needs, fitness levels and goals.

All of the Breathe Health & Fitness trainers have achieved amazing results with their clients. The feedback I have received has always been positive and many clients have recommended their trainers to friends and family (see our Testimonials page).

The trainers are all fully up to date with their First Aid qualifications and Continued Educational Credits (CEC’s) which, for Fitness NSW registration, need to be updated and verified every two years. I personally don’t think there is any substitute for experience, observation and feedback with other professionals, ongoing education and training.
A trainer tailored to your needs

The Breathe Health & Fitness professionals form a well balanced team possessing different qualities, backgrounds, experiences, specialities and philosophies. We will try and place you with the trainer most appropriate for your particular personality, fitness goals, medical background, etc. This might be with a trainer specialising in pre and post natal, mums & bubs (Fit Yummy Mummy), rehabilitation, sport specific, children and adolescents, older populations or simply weight loss.
We ensure that all of our trainers constantly update their fitness knowledge in order to deliver the most up to date information to you. Many of our team run their own successful health and fitness businesses, but they choose to work with Breathe Health and Fitness as we provide them with quality clients, groups and ongoing support.
Our group and personal training sessions are differentiated to suit you, your needs and your fitness levels.
We understand that everyone has different strengths, weaknesses, goals, personalities and different ways to achieve success. We listen to each and every client and work with them to help them to succeed with whatever fitness or health related goals they have. These sessions are differentiated to cater for all ages (currently 11 – 78 years old), abilities and fitness levels. We work very closely with a number of medical practitioners helping clients with their various medical conditions & rehabilitation.



Once you have completed your free trial session you are under no obligation to continue training with us. Contact Us now to arrange your free trial session.

We hope you have such a wonderful experience with us that you can’t wait for your next session and can’t wait to tell all of your friends about us. We understand that people don’t like paying a joining fee and don’t want to be locked into a long term contract. This is where we are unique to most big organisations. We are flexible with training times and payment, you only pay for the sessions that you do and you are free to stop working with us at anytime, no hard feelings!

We are so confident in our Personal Trainers, the relationships that they build with their clients and the results that they achieve that we do not need to make you commit to a long term agreement.
We do not want to just take your money, we genuinely want to help you as much as possible and feel that this is a two way process.
We want you to be a walking, talking advertisement for Breathe Health & Fitness.


We have a fantastic retention rate as our clients are made to feel special and well looked after in a real ‘family’ environment.
As they achieve their short term goals we progress the training to the next level and inspire, guide and motivate them to achieve so much more.