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Belinda Coogee


Before I began training with
Rob, I had been busy with work and pre-school aged children and found that I did not push myself hard enough at the gym to see results. My energy levels and enthusiasm for exercise was at a low point. Training with Rob was fun and I enjoyed the way he helped me set goals and measurably achieve them every 8 weeks.
I lost weight, improved all my body measurements, increased muscle tone, felt better within myself and was enthused about exercise.


Rob continually varied the types of exercise we did which keeps the training fresh and interesting. He is very friendly, professional, respectful, and approachable and is a great motivator while not being scary (!) and we had lots of laughs while still getting great results.
I would (and do!) recommend Rob to anybody who wants to improve or maintain their fitness and achieve their personal health goals – you will not be disappointed!

Charlotte Bellevue Hill


I have trained with Rob for about 2 years now as I find I need the motivation of a trainer to push myself harder.  If I go for a run by myself I tend to start walking when I get tired but Rob doesn't let me get away with it.  I previously trained with a group early in the morning which left me exhausted and injured and then tried training by myself which just didn't work.  I hate gyms as I feel like a hamster on a wheel stuck inside and forced onto machines whereas with Rob our sessions are always varied both in content and in location when suitable.  Rob is patient and fits the training around my needs.  


I have 3 children and life can be hectic and Rob is very flexible with training times which has worked well.  Recently I have had back problems and he has adjusted our training accordingly, working on developing my core strength and training around my injury.  Without Rob I would have done nothing for the past few months instead I run when I can and when I can't we work on building up strength in other areas using free weights and the TRX.


Rob never bullies me in the way other trainers have in the past, but is firm so I don't wimp out.  I am currently training for the New York marathon which will be the pinnacle of my athletic career (I just aim to finish it before night fall) but Rob has already worked out how far I need to run each month which is a little daunting.


I would thoroughly recommend Rob, he always changes the routine so no session is the same so I am never bored, he is also extremely good at planning a session in advance catering to your needs and he listens to what you want to get out of it.


Jane Kensington


I decided to start training at the start of the year, having put some weight in the last few years and got out of shape, and just generally feeling run down and lacking in energy - I was also determined to give up smoking this year. My job is highly stressful and demanding, as well as being very sedentary. I felt my body and health were suffering and it was time to make a change. I found Rob online and began training with him once a week, in Centennial Park. After a few weeks, I felt remarkably better, fitter and had loads more energy, I was also starting to genuinely enjoy training (even in the rain!) so I began to train with him twice a week, in order to really see and feel the benefits.


It's now almost six months later. I now regularly train and can't imagine what my week would be like without it. I have lost weight, toned up (I've even got my waist back) gained a much better understanding of my body and what it needs and I can feel that I'm getting better at just being physically fit - I admit to being a fan of boxing and even know some of the moves. Clothes are fitting me better and people have noticed. I'm also now determined to keep it up and continue getting fitter, now that I have finally managed to give up smoking (*two weeks and counting....)


Rob is knowledgeable, inspiring, encouraging and fun. I've trained before, but often ultimately found trainers boring (sorry guys...) Rob changes the sessions and exercise each week, to keep my brain engaged and also sets goals, that I can work towards, so that I can see improvement and really feel I'm getting there. He often explains what we're doing and why and is always pushing me a bit further than I think I can go. He's also a great guy, who makes me laugh (sometimes at myself) which helps on those sessions after work, when I just don't feel motivated and my body is tired - by the end of those sessions I'm always really glad I made the effort (Kickboxing really helps get rid of the tension of a long stressful day) as well as being amused and relieved that Rob has put up with my whingeing and whining.


I've recommended Rob to all my friends, and I'd genuinely recommend him to anyone who wants to get fitter, feel more energized and needs help with motivation, guidance and support. If I can happily do 20 push ups and star jumps in the rain and give up smoking, then anyone can do it, trust me.


Mike Pyrmont

I trained with Rob for approximately two years, from September 2007 to August 2009. During that time I found Rob to be an excellent trainer, as he focussed on my goals of weight loss and improving my core strength. Rob's training was always interesting, utilising varied training techniques - boxing, circuits, and running and strength exercises. I found Rob to be very good at mixing the training activities to avoid boredom, whilst at the same time always maintaining some core exercises (e.g. push ups and the plank) to ensure consistent improvement. I have found this training to be of ongoing benefit, as it has helped me lose weight, increased my general fitness and provided a range of fitness activities to utilise in my own training.


I thoroughly enjoyed training with Rob, I look forward to doing so again in the future, and I would definitely recommend him.


JV Paddington


I started my once a week outdoor training with Rob in 2009, about 5 months before my wedding with only one goal – to feel and look great on my wedding day. It all worked so well that fitness training became part of my life.


Although Rob pushes me to the limits, he is always very considerate of my health and particular needs. I like the variety he comes up with every time, all well planned and prepared. I usually train in the morning before work and really love the feeling of energy rush that stays with me all day. JV Paddington female 50+


Geetha (& two sons) – Coogee


My two sons and I were fortunate to have Rob train us for a while.  Rob tailored the sessions to engage the kids and to make the training session a time that the kids thoroughly enjoyed, while ensuring that we all received a good workout.  Don’t get me wrong, the sessions were no picnic.
Rob made sure that we were all challenged to the maximum, but he did it in a way that made it a fun activity for the kids by incorporating games that involved the Frisbee, ball games and a variety of a relay activities, intermingled with (among others), boxing, circuit training and core strength training. 


There were times that we felt we couldn’t complete a task, but Rob was beside us pushing us gently to make it to the finish line.  At the end of the session, we felt fantastic. I was totally unfit and completely out of shape, but at no time did Rob make me feel that I couldn’t achieve my goal. Even though we don't train with Rob anymore, we still follow his advice on how to stay motivated and to keep active. 


If we ever go back to having a personal trainer, we would make Rob our first choice, and would highly recommend Rob to anyone looking for a personal trainer.


Paul Earlwood
Juan helped me to drop 10kgs. He made it fun and his easy-going demeanour was a pleasure to wake up to a few days a week. I specifically sought out a PT who wasn't going to yell at me! The only thing that stopped me training was the fact I have to put my money towards my upcoming wedding now...


Once the wedding has been paid for, I will no doubt pick up some more training with Juan - but that being said, he has done such a great job showing me how to train effectively, I have been maintaining my morning sessions unassisted now. I guess that was always the goal - to embark on a new, healthier lifestyle. Juan has no doubt helped me to achieve that.


Probably one of the best investments I've ever made.


Craig Ashfield
I've always wanted to be fitter, feel better about myself and of course look as good as I could. I know it requires effort and takes discipline. I have no shortage of effort but I simply lacked the discipline. I'd pay a small fortune for gym memberships, turn up and do as little as possible, finding every excuse to leave as quickly as possible. It was different when I was with a gym buddy though. Then I'd do more and you could see the results. However, in our busy lives it was often hard to maintain these arrangements. Knowing my problem I decided to take on a personal trainer two days a week. I figured I'd spend the same amount or more on junk food, drink and cigarettes only to get further away from my ideals, so it was worth trying. I also knew that the further away I got the worse I felt about myself.


Whilst I had some concern about committing to what I imagined would be a hard slog, and yep I worried about the cost, something had to change. I spoke to Rob from Breathe Health and Fitness and was impressed from the beginning. His willingness to find a trainer in my area at times that suited me showed a great concern for client service. I gave him an outline of what I was after and he listened. Within a day or so Rob came back to me with a trainer named Hudson at a nearby location and so it began.


It’s been six weeks since training with Hudson began and the change has been profound and far more obvious than my previous year or three at the gym on my own. My body fat percentage dropped from 25% to 15%, so I'm now out of the danger zone for my age and height. I walk taller, feel 100% better about myself and my self confidence has improved.

Today I bought a pair of size 34 jeans that were wonderfully loose! Before I was squeezing into a size 36. I feel a lot stronger, can endure more and am motivated each time to improve on my previous performance. I have a lot more energy each day and the world seems a lot less gloomier. It’s a fantastic feeling. Frankly, it’s the best decision I've made in a long time.


I'll admit that at the start it was more about the guilt of failing to turn up and letting someone else down that got me out of bed at 5:30 in the morning to exercise. But that's what it took for me. Also the workouts really pushed me. But again, that's exactly what I wanted. Having trained with Hudson and getting to know a bit more about him, I feel there is someone truly interested in seeing me achieve my aims. He's a great bloke, though he never lets me off easy. Although I groan about it, this is just what I need.


I'd definitely recommend Hudson, given his years of experience and knowledge, as well as his passion for training. He is always set up before I arrive with a different program to keep things interesting and challenging. The follow up interest from Rob is also appreciated as it shows I'm not just a number or a dollar but a person. I always respond well when someone takes an interest in me and these guys have it nailed.


So the moral of this testimonial is, acknowledging you have weaknesses isn't an excuse for not achieving. In my case it was self discipline, but after only six weeks I can see even that changing. My horizons have expanded and I'm now motivated to do even more. Who would have thought that two hours a week could make such a difference.

Victoria (group training) North Sydney
It was great that Kelly varied each session to keep us mentally stimulated and our bodies guessing!
This helped with the motivation levels as we weren’t doing the same things each week. The focus on boxing was also really good and helped with any tension from a hard day at work!

Anne (kids soccer training) Rose Bay

There were four 13 year old boys who really enjoyed training with Liam. Each session included ball skills and fitness, which they loved. We found Liam to be highly professional and caring about his coaching sessions. The boys found that they enjoyed training so much that we increased the number of sessions per week. The children were able to maintain fitness and improve on technique in general with training with Liam.


We would highly recommend Liam from Breathe Health & Fitness to anyone that is interested in improving fitness and achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Margie - Camperdown


I’d just moved from Melbourne to Sydney and wasn’t looking forward to finding a new trainer. Then I got in touch with Rob from Breathe Health and Fitness. We trained once and then twice a week in a park close to my work. No excuses - rain or shine and even with the odd weirdo looking on.


Rob had to deal with my bad moods (there were a few of those), my tears (just a few), runny nose and fly away hair issues, and he did it all with grace. He also worked around my many injuries, deteriorating knees and varying levels of motivation. And if he couldn’t make it for any reason, was always willing to organise another trainer for the session. And now I’m trying to do it on my own, but always with Rob’s voice in my head, pushing me on.