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Meet The Trainers

We come to you on a day and time that is convenient for you and your group.
We have a mobile team of professionals who will travel anywhere in the Eastern Suburbs, CBD, Inner West or North Shore. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can travel to one of our local outdoor group sessions or to our indoor studio in Vaucluse (Eastside PT, 157 – 159 New South Head Road).
The Personal Trainer profiles below will help you to select which trainer suits your particular requirements in terms of their qualifications, experience, training methods and philosophy.
A snap shot of the latest, most effective and relevant training methods that we currently offer includes:
TRX suspension workouts, training for endurance events, high intensity interval sessions for fat loss, ‘Cross Training style’ sessions, rehabilitation exercises, postural corrective techniques, pre and post natal (mums & bubs), children and teen sessions, boxing and kickboxing. The list just goes on and on........

Whatever your fitness and health goals we have the expertise and knowledge to help you. Training with us is never boring or repetitive it’s challenging, rewarding and great fun.

Please check out the photos and profiles of some of the Breathe Health & Fitness Trainers. Please note that we may not initially be able to place you with your trainer of choice but rest assured all of the team are great with excellent testimonials from current clients to back this claim (see Testimonials).

Rob Heath
After working as a Physical Education specialist in various schools in the UK, UAE, Singapore & Australia (14 years) I realised how important it was to educate youngsters about the importance of health and fitness and to try and guide them to become independent and lifelong exercisers.
After speaking with parents I realised that many adults were also lacking this understanding, motivation and direction. It is now my aim to educate, guide and help as many people, both young and old, to understand about their own health and fitness needs and to try and help as many people reach their own personal goals as possible. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by, and able to work with, some of the best trainers in Sydney.
I also believe that if you successfully set and reach your health and fitness goals it has an amazing knock on effect with other areas of your life such as work, finances, relationships, etc.
I believe that it is all down to getting into the right mindset to achieve your goals and surrounding yourself with professional people who have the knowledge and experience of helping others (& themselves) to achieve their short, mid and long terms goals.
My trainers at Breathe Health & Fitness can help you gain all of these health and fitness benefits and I have no doubt that you will start to see what I mean about other areas of your life improving as well.

Mitch Evans
Hi my name is Mitch; I am passionate about personal training and helping people to reach their goals. Alongside personal training I have been dedicated to my own fitness from a very young age.


I believe that you can always better yourself, whether this is with your nutrition, training or both – there are always areas to improve. I’ve always strived to be the best that I can be I want to bring out the best in you.


My training is customized to your needs, so that I can help you to reach your goal – whether it’s to trim down, tone up, build muscle mass or train for a specific sport or event. Everyone enjoys training in a different way, so to bring out the best in you I offer a range of approaches and training methods to keep your body and mind constantly stimulated.


The moment you come on board I’ll carry out specialist assessments, suited to your needs so we can gauge where you are now and plan where we want you to eventually be.


The programs I offer include: one on one, couples, small groups, women only and sport specific training.

Juan Ramirez
I am a family man and a proud father of two girls. I have over 10 years experience in the fitness industry and over that time I have helped 100’s of clients to reach their goals, some of whom I still train today.

I believe that achieving sporting success at a high level has enabled me to pass on my knowledge and experience to my clients. After moving to Australia from San Francisco to play 1st grade water polo I have helped and guided clients to achieve various goals of weight loss, rehabilitation and preparation for sporting events.


I have a real passion for fitness and I feel very motivated when I see my clients visualise their own dreams, set specific targets and finally achieve their goals.


My philosophy: more movement, more energy, more fun, equals results. My methods of functional training, muscle strength and conditioning combined with improved balance and flexibility will help improve the quality of your everyday life.


I feel that a holistic approach fuels the body and the mind. Very simple hints and tips will help you feel more alert and energised in stressful situations while maintaining a positive attitude.
“The greatest wealth is your health" is a saying that I truly believe in and I hope that you will come to understand it for yourself.

Hudson Evans

During my time playing rugby union, fitness and health become crucial to compete at the highest level. When I first started taking my fitness seriously aiming to improve my rugby, I found a passion for training with people and learning about differing training methodologies, this grew into training people out of the club gym or training friends out of my garage.

Through this new found passion for training I decided to make it a career where every day I can train with people doing what I love whilst making a difference in people’s lives.


Learning about different training methodologies has given me ideas about what training philosophy I should implement. I believe in hard work, commitment and intensity to get results. A typical session may include a high intensity circuit mixing weights, bodyweight and aerobic exercises, some boxing and kickboxing activities, flexibility and “extras” where we work on personal weaknesses. This has proven highly effective with clients. Training, however, isn’t the only key to success. I can also provide diets and different lifestyle advice to improve health holistically and not just fitness.


I am very proud of the results I have achieved with my clients: I’ve helped high school students go from reserve to representative player.


I’ve assisted in numerous weight loss success stories including a whopping 27kg loss in a recent client taking him from obesity and borderline diabetes to an avid touch footy player.

My pre-season training methods have aided athletes to achieve some of the highest fitness test results in their squads.

John Hagar
I believe that health is amongst our most valuable possessions. I will assess your health, lifestyle and current level of fitness, help to set your goals and then devise an individually tailored regime using exercise as the tool in developing efficient motion of the body.  Whether it's for fitness, weight loss, performance sports or injury rehabilitation - Training with me will get you there.


I am a fully qualified and dedicated fitness professional with over seven years experience in the fitness industry. After completing my Advanced Certificate IV I started working in one of the major fitness clubs as a Personal Trainer. It was during this time as a Personal Trainer that I helped hundreds of my clients to achieve their goals.


Through the years I have continued to update my knowledge to stay at the leading edge of health and fitness education and have expertise in areas as diverse as:


Special Populations, Advanced Resistance Training, Advanced Aerobic conditioning, Nutrition, Core Conditioning, Myofascial Massage, Training Pre & Post Natal


In addition to all of my formal qualifications I am an accomplished sportsman and have more recently trained in Muay Thai Kickboxing. I have been very successful in applying some of these techniques in my one-on-one and group fitness programs.

Natasha Sheehy 


My name is Natasha and I’m an energetic Personal Trainer.


Growing up in the Blue Mountains has opened my eyes to the outdoors. The freedom of space is endless which lead me to my passion for outdoor sports.


I have lots of experience training all ages from kids to older adults. My qualifications are cert IV and Zumba Instructor.


The first training session is a consultation where we have a medical assessment, write down some long term and short term goals, and then I devise an individual program to suit your lifestyle.


I love to make every training session different and fun. The training techniques I use are boxing, circuit, interval, concurrent and strength training. I specialise in weight loss, toning, core conditioning and general fitness. You’ll never be bored with me!


“Age is not how old you look it’s how young you feel.” Get up, get fit and enjoy life! 


Yaly Shepherd

My mission is to help you to achieve your ultimate fitness goals having lots of fun along the way.

Taking an interest in the Alexander Technique of releasing pain and tension from the body through corrective posture training at an early age, I have used this as a foundation principal. This method helps reverse the long term effects of stress, injury, poor posture and day to day repetitive movement in the workplace by correcting unhealthy mind and body habits.


Completing a Dance Diploma in 1999, I continue to refine my fluidity of movement, balance and strength. Teaching self expression, corrective movement and body awareness with various dance styles, I have also performed in and choreographed a number of shows and video clips.


In 2003 I graduated with a Dance and Physiology Diploma from the Northern Rivers Conservatory Art Centre.


In 2004 I completed a TAFE Certificate 3 in Fitness Instruction, in the process discovering a passion for fitness training. This inspired me to successfully complete my Certificate 4 in Fitness at The Australian Institute of Fitness. I am also a certified Pilates instructor with Network Australia and a ‘Punch’ boxing instructor.


I am now registered internationally as a certified fitness professional with Fitness Australia and a member of the Fitness Network Association which allows me to continue my studies and further my knowledge in the fitness industry.

Kelly Dixon


I have a passion and history in Martial Arts training including Taeko, Shin Budo, Boxing & Muay Thai Kickboxing. I have competed three times in the amateur level of the welter weight category in Muay Thai Kickboxing competitions (2007 – 2008).


As well as martial arts training I specialise in outdoor, sports specific training including running, swimming, mountain biking & triathlon training.


I have a lifelong commitment to maintaining my own health & would really appreciate the opportunity to help you to achieve your own personal goals or to help train you for any future competitions.


I enjoy researching the latest specific training techniques and applying them to enable you to gain the best possible advantage when it comes to competition time.


Jack Horton
I am an accredited trainer having recently returned to Sydney from the UK. Having a passion for sports and fitness, it was always my intention to come back here to discover new challenges.
I’ve played various competitive sports at National level and I know first-hand what it takes to achieve those desired results; my style of training is Functional, Fun and Focused. I believe good nutrition is absolutely vital for peak fitness so I also offer nutritional advice for all clients.
I am an enthusiastic and passionate trainer and welcome all fitness levels and abilities – I have trained Thai boxers to Rugby players, Novices to Fitness Fanatics and am experienced in special disability coaching.
I look forward to helping you on your path to fitness.

Kristy Benson
Combining my knowledge of fitness, nutrition and sporting history I will create a fun enthusiastic environment for clients to reach their goals. My passion for health and fitness will definitely help me to motivate others to be a part of a healthy, fit and happy life.


To keep my clients stimulated I use a range of fitness equipment using different planes of movement to benefit fitness as well as posture. I love incorporating high intensity circuit training and careful programming for specific goals.


I am a motivating trainer pushing clients to reach their goals as well as have fun.

I keep clients motivated through regular communication to ensure that they are on track with their exercise and nutrition goals. I provide an exercise program and nutrition diary for clients to follow away from training.


I am passionate about health and fitness and I’m very motivated and enthusiastic to keep learning.


My background is in gymnastics culminating in NSW state honours. Training 16 hours a week develops discipline, personal and team motivation, dedication, time management, discipline and a love for the sport. I believe that I can use this knowledge and experience to help motivate clients to reach their goals and push though their own barriers. As I have competed in a variety of different sports I have knowledge of and have developed a very large repertoire of different training methods. This will ensure that all of my clients will enjoy challenging, stimulating, fun, varied sessions every time.