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 If you want to have fun getting fit, toning up and losing kilos of unwanted body fat then read on...
Breathe Health & Fitness have training solutions to flatten your stomach, shed inches from your waist, hips & thighs, tone your muscles, get you fitting into your favourite clothes again and make you feel younger!

My name is Rob Heath and I own Breathe Health & Fitness which offers a range of fitness programs guaranteed to get results. I have been in the Health, Fitness and Education Industry for the last 14 years helping children, adolescents and adults to understand about health and fitness and how to achieve their personal goals. I have also been involved in sport specific training, helping athletes of all abilities to prepare for events and competitions.



All of our workouts are fun, varied and high intensity and as they only take between 45-60 minutes they won’t take up too much of your time. Our team will design workouts tailored to your individual needs, ability and fitness levels to have you looking great in no time at all.

With our workouts you will

  1. Have fun and make new friends
  2. Feel great and be inspired for more
  3. Lose fat to help you fit into your favourite clothes or beachwear
  4. Tone up for those special occasions
  5. Flatten your stomach
  6. Reduce stress, gain confidence and so much more

High intensity workouts mean that you will get results fast. The huge variety of activities means that you will be stimulated through invigorating, challenging, fun sessions so that your body and mind won’t get stagnant and bored.


We are fully qualified, insured and registered with Fitness Australia.
There are a number of different fitness solutions designed to suit your budget and great discounts are available when you bring your family or friends.

Our Vaucluse Studio Gym group fitness training is a cost effective & fun way to train indoors under the guidance of a personal trainer. Numbers are limited to ensure that you get access to all of the equipment and to the trainer throughout the session. All ages, abilities, fitness levels & experience are catered for in a friendly and safe environment.

Our Vaucluse Studio Gym private 1-1 fitness training is aimed at those wanting a more personalised service at a convenient time. Sessions will focus on specific goals or on rehabilitation if you are recovering from a recent injury.
Our outdoor and indoor Group Sessions are a cost effective & fun way to train under the guidance of a personal trainer. Each session will be different, incorporating a wide variety of training methods to keep you stimulated and eager for more!


We offer private, group, family Mums & Bubs and Kids & Teens sessions in the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, CBD & North Shore at times and locations convenient for you.

It’s really that simple, so please Contact Us to arrange for your free trial session or first you might want to...

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