Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to be fit to join your fitness program?


A. No, that's why you’re coming to see us. 


Don't worry about your current fitness levels, we cater for all ages and abilities (even rehabilitation). You are going to focus on your own personal fitness goals and we are going to help you to achieve them. Personal or group sessions are available depending on your preference.


Q. Where are you based?


A. Breathe Health & Fitness offers personal, group, family & children’s fitness sessions in various outdoor locations around Sydney including The Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, CBD & North Shore. We will come to you at a time and location convenient to you. For those wishing to train indoors we have a small studio gym in Vaucluse (157-159 New South Head Road) where clients book in for personal or group sessions.

Q. What time are the sessions?


A. All sessions are by appointment so you can choose the day, time and location convenient to you. Most indoor sessions (Vaucluse studio gym) consist of small mixed ability groups. One to one indoor and outdoor sessions are also available by appointment.

Q. What do the sessions consist of?


A. We cover a whole range of different activities including resistance training (using dumbbells, medicine balls, TRX, Swiss balls, Bosu, bodyweight and machines) and high intensity cardio training (circuits, sprints, intervals, hills, steps, boxing & kickboxing) etc.


The cardio workouts are high intensity designed for fat burning and the resistance training is for functional strength and fitness.


Every workout is different to keep your brain and body stimulated.


Q. What about if everyone else is much fitter than me?


A. Don't worry about others in the group, we will design a program tailored to your own fitness level. Each week we will progress and challenge you to reach the next level. By joining a group, not only will you help to reduce the cost but you will also have some fun competition with the others as well as a great reason to push yourself that little bit harder.


Group sizes are relatively small so we can focus on each individual’s progress.


We have ongoing fitness tests to record your progress.


Q. How long does it run for?


A. Breathe Health & Fitness is a long term fitness solution and we hope that you will continue to train with us as long as you feel the benefits. The bonuses are that there are no sign up fees, you are not locked in to some long term contract, there are no queues for equipment, you have a trainer to motivate you at each session, you have varied, fun sessions either outdoors (at your local park or beach) or in a small private studio gym (Vaucluse).

Q. How much does it cost?


A. There are a number of different options specific to your needs:

Clients are usually invoiced on a monthly basis but there are a number of alternative payment structures.

Sessions are charged at the following rates per person, per hour (+GST):

1 person $75, 2 people $45, 3 people $33, 4+ people $25 (discounts for large groups).

These prices are "Month-To-Month" and there is no long term commitment required.


Q. If I want to cancel my membership?


A. There is no membership so there are no worries about having to cancel it. Just talk to your trainer!

Q. What about if I go on holiday?


A. There are no monthly fees to worry about as you only pay for the sessions that you do.


Q. What do you do if it rains?


A. It depends on where you train but there are usually a number of undercover areas to choose from. Alternatively speak to your trainer the night before if it looks like bad weather.


Q. What results can I expect to see?


A. If you attend at least 3 sessions per week and follow our nutrition plan (CAREFULLY) you can expect to lose approximately 1kg of body fat every week (depending on your starting body composition).


Your muscles will be toned and stronger, you'll see significant improvements in your fitness and energy levels, you will feel more confident, have increased self esteem and you will be in a totally different mindset to take on new and exciting challenges in all areas of your life.

My team and I will do everything we can to help you achieve your results so that you become a walking talking billboard!


Q. How many people attend each session?

A. Attendance varies by group / location / session and weather from anywhere between 1 and 12 people. You may prefer to train alone, make your own group with your friends or join one of our groups and make some new friends. Groups are also available for ‘Mother’s Groups’ where we get you and your baby exercising, bonding and having lots of fun!

Q. Is it right for me?

A. This is the most important question you should ask before you invest your time, money and effort in anything.  That is why we offer anyone interested in Breathe Health & Fitness a no obligation, FREE TRIAL SESSION. That way you can answer this question for yourself! Our programs are designed for all ages and all fitness levels.

Q. What if I choose not to continue training after my trial session?


A. Just let us know before your next scheduled session and we won't process your payment, if you choose to continue training with us do nothing and you will receive an invoice at the end of the month.

Q. What do I need to bring to the session?

A. For the outdoor sessions we recommend you bring some water, wear suitable clothing to train in, suitable footwear for exercise, and a light waterproof jacket in case of rain. We provide boxing equipment but feel free to bring your own if you feel more comfortable.

For indoor sessions we provide towels and water so just bring yourself!

Q. How can I get advice on what I should eat?

A. If you want to achieve results then you need to remember that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. We offer full support and can put you in contact with a nutritionist after your free trial session.

Q. How can I get advice to help set goals and measure my progress?

A. Complete our online questionnaire (go to Contact Us). This will help us to review your goals and arrange a time to discuss them with you further. To measure your progress we hold regular fitness assessments. From these results we can modify your goals and set you progressive challenges.
Q. How do I register?
A. Contact me at, call me on 0405 109 175 or fill in the on line enquiry form (Contact Us) to book in for your free trial session.


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